About Me

I’m a Fulbright scholar pursuing PhD in Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) @ Virginia Tech, where I am advised by Dr. Scott McCrickard, and co-advised by Dr. Aisling Kelliher.

In my doctoral research, I use and adapt a variety of qualitative research methods to investigate parents’ use of technology as a care-giving tool to design interactive media for young children based on parents’ context of use and sought gratifications. I also explore the potential of using screen and voice based interfaces to facilitate young children’s secondary language learning. Prior to my PhD trajectory, I investigated how disorientation occurs in various tech-centered activities in online and outdoor environments, and developed means to identify and resolve it to facilitate learning in different educational contexts.

Research Interests

Research Areas: Parent-child Computer Interaction; technologies for families and children; participatory and ethnographic methods; distractions/disorientation; digital childcare assistants.

Methods: Surveys, interviews, probes, auto-ethnography, personas.